THE CHALLENGE: to remind people there’s a whole world out there outside the everyday shopping malls, offices and close day trips. THE IDEA: People often get caught up in their local area as everything out there. We wanted to expand and push further than the local shopping mall. To see something more of the world and get the best knowledge to do so. Every employee that works has travelled the world and has those off the beaten path tips people are looking for. We created an extension of the escalator at a shopping mall with the great wall of china with the line ‘Get Further’. Also, an extension at the downtown library with machu pichu. We put a sign on top of whistler mountain with how high it is and underneath how high everest is to give you a jaw dropping comparison and incentive to go. The line has a few meanings; Get further in life, get further information and get further into the world!

My role in this project was Strategy, Idea Thinker, Art Director and Writer.

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