THE CHALLENGE: To create a logo and business card for Sweet Petite Baking Co. THE IDEA: This logo is shaped like a cupcake holder and this really adds a pretty shape to hold the logo in. We have placed a cupcake inside to ensure people know it’s a bakery. The Sweet petite font is very pretty and almost look like lettering on a cake. The other font has a very vintage look. The logo could easily be made into a sticker for packaging aswell. The front of the card we kept very simple we have let your logo and your name be the hero. The business card has the look of a pretty baking surface. We have put a gingam type texture on the back of the card to give it more of a vintage and bakery feel along with the ribbon. The colours is a vintage pastel blue green and ads a fresh tasty look. We used brown type because it is very appetizing! This logo and business card can be alternated with different colours if you so choose.

My role in this project was Creative Strategy, Art Director and Creative Lead.

Created while working at Flipside Creative.

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