CHALLENGE: To teach journalists how to tell the right story and we are encourage others to tell their story in the right way, and have people hear them. News has a year long great with various events and outlets. They need a brand logo and tagline. Our goal was to integrate thinking old and new. And portray the truth on this issue rather than perception.

IDEA: This Logo speaks to collaboration, evolution, and change. Ancient thinking. New thinking. Integrated thinking. We have chosen a Medieval font evolving into a modern font. This celebrates new ways of understanding in a collaborative partnership. It caters to the intelligent all expert audi- ence and participants working together for a more informed, solution focussed community. Their is a grain in the type to give it a bit of grit. A transformation.
My role was Creative Lead, Art Director and Idea Thinker.

Created while working at Flipside Creative.

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