THE CHALLENGE: to encourage people to take advantage of Kelowna’s wine and golf getaways. Kelowna Tourism wanted to remind people that it’s just in their backyard so why go to far away golf and wine tours? THE IDEA: To show how close the golf getaways were we sourced shattered glass clear stickers, cut golf balls in half and put them on either side of different public windows in Vancouver. On the golf ball was a hashtag encouraging people to take a picture of themselves at one of the locations and tweet for a chance to win a golf getaway. This idea is exagerating how close Kelowna really is as if the golf ball flew right into the city. Fun!

My role on this project was Art Director, Co-Writer and Concept Development. It was really fun to work on because of the quirky-ness and unexpected nature of the idea.

Created while working at Wasserman and Partners.


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