THE CHALLENGE: To create an integrated campaign idea that showed that Carpenter Real Estate will find you something attainable so you can live within your means. THE IDEA: We demonstrated that Carpenter Real Estate takes the ridiculous and unattainable out of real estate. The guerrilla/digital campaign combination shows that Carpenter Real Estate Group brings the market and people back to reality with real solutions that really work. The campaign is bold and humourous. It pokes fun at the crazy pricing of properties in the lower mainland. Anyone who has rented, purchased or sold a property and been underwhelmed by listing promises will be able to identify with this. With this idea Carpenter Real Estate Group can demonstrate to the community that they truly understand where these real estate stereotypes are coming from. The campaign will show that CREG is a very compassionate realtor that will help consumers find their dream home within their means – and withina seemlingly unrealistic real estate market. CREG helps you – and the market – Get Real! We created a landing page where people could post Instagram pictures and stories about some of the crazy suff they have had to endure. CREG responded to these crazy offers with more realistic ones based on peoples real needs.

Suggested Newspaper and Online ads (fake). The newspaper and Online Real Estate sites often has listings for potential home buyers so it is a great place to get some attention. We will create an ad(s), using the Get Real With Real Estate idea. Make it look like a listing with an unrealastic property, with obviously ridiculous claims. The goal is to drive people to your website who are ready for realistic listings from realistic Real Estate agents. Playing on thew bird house sewer, bus shelter etc. People could have a laugh and choose to tweet or Facebook like them.

Suggested Gifts: This is where we have a little fun. The papers are signed, the keys have been delivered, now it is time to congratulate your new homeowner. They get a knock at the door and are excited when the FedEx guy asks them to sign for a package. They open the box excited, only to find a picture of a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a generic card that says “Dear whom it may concern, we thank you for business. Please except this gift as a token of our appreciation. Congratulations.” No less then 5 minutes later they get another knock on the door from the same delivery guy who is standing there with a real beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card signed by all the team members. OR maybe the box has a mini bottle of wine and two plastic wine glasses with a generic card telling the home owner to have a fun night on them. Then the real ex- quisite bottle arrives.

Suggested Cient Appreciation Party: The idea here is to send a gorgeous invite to a location that you think is going to be fabulous and when you arrive you realize the address is a birdhouse. There the CREG group will have a laugh with the guests and talk about how they understand your needs and will always give you your dreams as CREG guides them to a fine place like The Georgia Hotel. ‘The real location’ for the party. We could have all kinds of fun with party favours, entertainment etc!

My role in this project was Creative Strategy, Creative Lead, Art Director, Writer and Idea thinker.

Created while working at Flipside Creative.

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