THE CHALLENGE: To create a buzz around the City Chase event and encourage people to sign up. (City Chase is an event similar to The Amazing Race.) We also were asked to create a cool phone case that integrates into the campaign. THE IDEA: we inspire and have fun with the whole City Chase experience as we play with words. Mixing ‘friends’ with ‘ends’ as the toil can cause friction. And ‘courage’ with ‘rage’ as it is emotional. Unbelievable things happen at City Chase and these double words created that heat of the moment feeling and a laugh. The letters are painted on the road and the type is in a road font in different areas in the city to create memorability and get people enthusiastic to participate. Once on the City Chase website we provided a call to action to tweet people’s registration shirt number once they registered for a chance to win a Blackberry smartphone case featuring the event. Excitement was created and a lot of fun was had!

My role in this project was Idea Thinker, Art Director, Designer, Writer and Creative Lead. I figured out how to integrate the media to make it work together online and offline. I had never designed a cellphone case before so that was an added excitement to this project.

Created while working at flipside Creative.


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