THE CHALLENGE: To create a trail experience idea that does not interrupt the forest and depicts the story of Haida and their connection to nature in a magical and unique way so that people instinctively want to share their experience online. THE IDEA: We created 6 bark books that would be made with wood/bark and bolted on the cedar and hemlock trees at stopping points. Each book would have a round emblem on them engraved on the front depicting the story inside. Each story would be told through the voice of the forest talking to the trail-goer. The stories engraved inside so when opened trail-goer can read the story. The bark books are meant to be somewhat camouflaged into nature so that it feels a part of the trail and non-disruptive. They are meant to be discovered and if one misses a book that is okay. The last book is a large one bolted to a piece of driftwood overlooking where the Golden Spruce tree has fallen. Inside this book is the story of the Golden Spruce tree. The story is talks of a father and son walking through the forest and the father tells his son not to look back. But the son disobeys and looks back and turns into the Golden Spruce.

Because the golden spruce was chopped down tourists often talk about the distruction and the Haida people and BC Parks goal is to get past that. And appreciate the forest for what it is. The last book reminds people of the exert from the story that correlates with what happened to the golden spruce tree being chopped down. Making a sad story into one of resilience and renewal. The last book says “Don’t look back.” This people leaving with that hair raising goose bump feeling.

My role on this project was Creative Strategy, Creative Lead. Researcher, Idea Thinker, Art Director. Writer. Vendor Management. This was a collaborative team effort and one of the most interesting and challenging projects I have worked on in my career. I can’t wait to go the The Queen Charlotte Islands and see this magical meaningful trail that we put together.

Created while working at Flipside Creative. The images in this document are for position only to show how the idea proposal would work for portfolio purposes. We are sourcing haida artists and elders to create original art for this story and replace the images to represent the idea on completion of the project.


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